The world's population growth story
The world's consumption growth story
The world's environmental and social risk story

MEASA in Numbers

53% of world population

More than half of the global population with a median age of less than 24 years

100% of world population growth

Population growth in rest of the world is slowing and eventually stalling causing MEASA to reach approx. 70% of global population by 2100

15% share of world GDP

With 9 of 10 fastest growing economies and increasing labor productivity, economic growth is expected to outpace population growth

Average GDP per capita of just $3.1 k

Enormous economic convergence potential despite GDP/Capita already having almost doubled over the last decade

4% weighting in MSCI ACWI

Growing capital markets drive index ‘graduation’, increase liquidity and valuation but significant 'under allocation from benchmarked portfolios'

3% of institutional investor's private inv.

Most important asset class to drive a sustainable investment direction but little participation from large long term investors

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