Connecting Global Institutional Capital and Sustainable Investment Opportunities in
Middle East, Africa & Southern Asia

MEASA Spans the Historical Silk Road outside China

Historic trading relationships, internal migrations, and political alignments ties a region of symbiotic economies across 88 countries, ~4 billion people,
~5 million km2 of arable land, ~1 trillion barrels of
oil reserves, and more than $4 trillion of Sovereign/Pension assets

MEASA is the World's Fastest Growing Region

Representing 53% of the world's population with median age below 24 years, more than 100% of the world's population growth until the end if the 21st century, and 9 out of the 10 fastest growing economies

Abu Dhabi as the Financial and Logistical Gateway to the MEASA Region

The United Arab Emirates has a long heritage as an essential bridge linking the East and the West along the historical silk road; today, Abu Dhabi is leading this modern trade corridor with the ADX and the ADGM as financial focal points

Sustainable Development

Enabling the rapid population and consumption growth by investing with a balance between generating financially sustainable risk-weighted returns and achieving socially and environmentally sustainable impact

Diversified Team of Institutional Experts with Regional Experience

Track record of $500+ billion institutional asset management combined with 50+ years of regional investment, enterprise operation, and public private partnership collaboration